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Are you looking for a way to differentiate your company from the competition? A new product or service might be just what you need. But what if your industry is already crowded, making it difficult to come up with something new? What if the timing isn’t right due to changing regulations or market conditions? In this article, we’ll explore how data-driven collaboration can help product and service teams generate innovative ideas. We’ll also share some best practices for working together across borders and time zones in order to bring those ideas to life.

The product management perspective

Product management is the process of managing products. A product manager is responsible for the overall success of a product or service, and they have many responsibilities:

  • They must ensure that their team has all the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • They must ensure that customers are receiving what they expect from the company’s offerings.
  • They must understand how well each feature in a given release works, so that it can be improved or removed as needed (or even completely scrapped).

The service management perspective

The service management perspective focuses on the customer experience and the role of service management in product innovation. Product and service innovation are closely linked, and both can benefit from a strong focus on customer experience.

Service management is an essential part of digital transformation because it helps organizations manage change effectively by supporting rapid delivery of new products or services, improving efficiency through automation and analytics, measuring performance against key performance indicators (KPIs), aligning employees across functions around shared goals–and much more.

A new way to work together

Collaboration is key. Data is the new currency. Global teams are the new norm.

Innovative companies across industries are embracing these changes and working together in new ways to design, develop and deliver products and services that delight customers around the world–and change their lives for the better.

The future of product and service innovation is collaborative, data-driven and global.

The future of product and service innovation is collaborative, data-driven and global.

As we look ahead to the next decade, we see a shift from a single-minded focus on products to an integrated approach that includes services. With this change comes opportunities for greater collaboration across all aspects of business activities: marketing, sales and operations management; research & development; manufacturing; supply chain management; customer service; etc. The key is finding ways to leverage technology so you can communicate with your customers at scale while also integrating your internal operations seamlessly across all departments – this means you’ll need software solutions that are flexible enough for whatever changes may come down the line (and there will be many).


The future of product and service innovation is collaborative, data-driven and global. We believe that this new way of working will be a catalyst for continued growth and success in the digital economy.